Registered Post Tracking


Track Registered post of the Indian post office. Use the registered post tracking to get the status of your consignment.

Registered Post Features

Registered post is one of the mail services offered by the Indian post office. It is a high secure mail service which will be delivered only to the person whose name is written in the letter. The recipient has to provide an identity while taking the package and has to sign upon receiving the parcel. The price of this high compared to that of the speed post. All communication with government and business are carried out via the registered post. So that there can be a proof for the sender that the end person has received it.

registered post tracking

The registered post is just an ordinary post with special features like it is secure, safe and record proof. The price of this is higher compared to that of the normal and speed post. Special records are maintained to keep track of the information. It usually takes 2 to 7 days to deliver this mail. This is available across India and the world. Depending on the requirement, this type of letter can be selected and sent across the globe.

When the addressee is not available, the postman tries 3 attempts to deliver the card. Still, if the person is not available, then the card is returned to the sender. This way it will ensure that the parcel is not lost.

Registered Mail Advantages

This mail service is a bit price compared to other letter services. However, the advantages of this mail are what makes one choose this.

  • Safe and Secure: This is handled with high security as this contains important documents. The covers have not tampered at all. Without worrying you can send important documents via register mail.
  • Status Check: As the addressee has to sign on a form at the time of receiving the mail, the sender can check the status of whether this is delivered or not.
  • Post Tracking: The Indian post office provides the facility to track the status of the registered post using the tracking number. The sender can check exactly where his package is.
  • Record Keeping: The postal department maintains proper documentation and keeps all the records.

Registered Post Vs Speed Post

Both the speed and registered post are the services offered by the Indian post office. The name of these services sounds alike. However, there are many major differences between these two which we describe here in detail. We also cover some of the minor differences.

Difference Between the Registered and Speed Post

I am not going to put the difference in tabular format and compare these two. For me, it is easy to put the differences in bullet points.

  1. The registered post is handed over to the person whose name is written on the envelope. If the person is not available at the address, then the postman tries to deliver it three times and then returns back it to the sender. The postman also takes the signature of the addressee as a delivery proof. Here comes the difference with the speed post. It is handed over to any person residing in the address. There is no proof of delivery in this case. That's why this a speedy service.
  2. As the registered post requires valid proof, it is required to maintain all the delivery proofs for a longer period of time. Even after a year, the customer can demand proof. More operational activity is involved by the employees of the postal department. Minimal records are maintained for the speed post and archived after a certain period.
  3. Another notable difference is that the registered post is delivered to all places in India. Whereas the speed post is delivered to certain places.
  4. The items in the package must be verified before booking a registered post. A proof is collected for this one by the India Post, it is required to verify what they are delivering. This verification is not required for seed post.
  5. The registered post costs a bit high compared to that of the speed post as it involves reverse logistics, record maintenance, and documentation.

These are the major differences between these two services. There are even some similarities exists between these two posts. Both the services can be tracked online on the website and offline at the post office. I am going to write an exclusive article on tracking the registered post online. This will give you an idea of what you need to have before actually jumping right into finding out the status of the registered articles.

Now you know what are the advantage of the registered post and how to track the status of it. In short, a Registered post is highly secure and is the safest way to send your documents.