How do I apply for Ztbl?

How do I apply for Ztbl?

How to Apply for ZTBL Jobs 2022?

  • Interested candidates have to apply through OTS's official website.
  • After completing the application, form candidates must check the portal daily for imp announcements.

Is Ztbl a government bank?

The Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL) (Urdu: ???? ??????? ???? ?????), formerly known as Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan, is Pakistani government-owned agricultural development bank which is based in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Who is the current president of Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited Ztbl?

Muhammad Shahbaz Jameel

What is Officer Grade 3 in bank?

OG 3 Stands For In Banking Is just Grade senior then OG 3 and Junior of OG 4 it is pay scale system adopted by banking sector. The only purpose of such name is to make a difference between Job Description and Salaries as well.

What is Ztbl account?

ZTBL offers everyday bank accounts, savings accounts and term deposits to suit your banking needs. Learn more about banking and saving with ZTBL Bank Accounts. Click here to view the Bank's current rate of return.

What is the salary of 21 grade officer in Pakistan?

The minimum salary of these 21 grade officers, it is Rs 76720 and the maximum salary and maximum basic pay of these 21 grade official posts, it is rs 146720. And their increment amount is Rs 5000.

What is Officer grade in banks?

Officer Grade-I is promoted as Assistant Director Grade-II officer after 05 years of regular service. An Assistant Director Grade-II officer is promoted as Deputy Director upon completion of 05 years service. Deputy Director is eligible for promotion as Director upon completion of 15 years service as such.27-Feb-2019

What is bps scale?

Levels of Basic Pay Scale of Government Servants in Pakistan Though there are also some other Pay Scale Systems in Pakistan except Basic Pay Scale Structure (BPS) but BPS is widely used pay scale system in Pakistan. Most of the Government Departments and Organizations follow BPS System.

What do you mean by Agricultural Bank?

a type of bank that lends money to farmers for longer periods of time and charges them less interest than other types of banks: Stakeholders in agriculture have pressed the government to establish the newly proposed agricultural bank. See also. land bank.5 days ago

What is the salary of CSS officer in Pakistan?

The basic pay of PBS 17 officer in Pakistan is 30370 Rupees. By adding all the different government allowances such as the House Rent Allowance, Conveyance Allowance, Medical Allowance and seven adhoc allowances (2031-2020), the CSS offic er salary in Pakistan reaches to 60,596 Rupees.31-Mar-2022

What is the salary of BS 17 in Pakistan?

Pay Chart Scale 2021 for Federal, Punjab Government

What is the salary of BS 16 in Pakistan?

You should note that these 16 grade officers are given Rs 18910 as their minimum salary amount and Rs 64510 is their maximum salary amount. These officers increment amount is Rs 1520. This is the correct figure which is mentioned to all readers. These figures are revealed by experts from government of Pakistan.

Is bank PO a Class 1 officer?

As an SBI PO, you will be designated as Junior Management Grade-1 Officer.04-Feb-2022

What is Scale 4 officer in bank?

Scale IV: IBA approved pay scale of Rs. 50030 - 1460/4 - 55870 - 1650/2 - 59170. plus DA, HRA & other allowances.31-Dec-2017

What is new salary structure?

As per the new code, the basic salary of the employees will have to be 50 percent of the gross salary. The take home salary of the employees will come down but the the PF contributions of both the employees and the employer will increase. 4.01-Jul-2022

What is bps govt job?

BPS Stands For Basic Pay Scale In Pakistan, BPS Abbreviation, Punjab, KPK, Sindh, Balochistan. If these basic pay scale officers are on the BPS 14 scale then extent of minimum salary enjoyed by them will be Rs. 15180 and range of maximum basic salary received by them will be Rs. 50280.

What is the salary of BPS 1?


How much is salary grade 17?

DepEd Teachers' and University Professors' Salary Grade Table 2021

Who owns Bank of Agriculture?

the FGN

Who is the MD of Bank of Agriculture?

Mr. Alwan Ali Hassan

How do I apply for Ztbl?

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