Which government job is best after BSC agriculture?

Which government job is best after BSC agriculture?

Top 6 Government Jobs For B.Sc. Agriculture Graduates To Look Out For!

  • Government Jobs for B.Sc.
  • Staff Selection Commission (SSC)
  • Indian Forest Service (UPSC)
  • IBPS Specialists Officer (AO)
  • Food Corporation of India (FCI)
  • National Dairy Development Board (NDDB)
  • National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)

Which job has highest salary in BSC agriculture?

Govt & Private Jobs After BSc Agriculture

Which job is best in agriculture field?

Here are 15 of the highest-paying jobs in agriculture:

  • Farm manager.
  • Forester.
  • Agricultural specialist.
  • Water treatment specialist.
  • Food technologist.
  • Environmental scientist.
  • Water resources engineer.
  • Operations manager.

Which agriculture job has highest salary in India?

Some of the highest paying agriculture jobs are:

  • Biochemist. Average annual salary: INR 390,000.
  • Food Scientist. Average annual salary: INR 750,000.
  • Environmental Engineer. Average annual salary: INR 433,270.
  • Agricultural Lawyer.
  • Agricultural Operations Manager.
  • Animal Geneticist.
  • Agricultural Engineers.
  • Agronomy Sales Manager.

Does BSc Agriculture have a future?

Competitive exams such as UPSC, FCI, and other government jobs abound after BSc in Agriculture. Public and private companies also offer jobs, many who come for campus placements too. Options go on to journalism in the agricultural sector, state government jobs, insurance sector jobs, research, and teaching.28-Mar-2019

Which private job is best after BSc Agriculture?

Some other private jobs for B.Sc Agriculture freshers in India are:

  • Agriculture Officer.
  • Assistant Plantation Manager.
  • Agricultural Research Scientist.
  • Business Development Executive.
  • Marketing Executive.

Is BSc agri better than MBBS?

MBBS and Bsc.ag are both different fields and different salary packages are there in both . Generally fees of mbbs are higher than the fees of bsc.ag and salary depends upon in which field you are . If you are doctor then ofcourse you'r salary will be high.18-Sept-2020

Which jobs are in demand in agriculture?

Agricultural scientist. Winemaker. Agricultural engineer. These are all agricultural jobs that featured in the Highest Demand division of the National List of Occupations in High Demand: 2018.17-Aug-2020

What is future after BSc Agriculture?

Job Opportunities After BSc Agriculture Following is a record of some of the most widespread job fields that can be followed after completing this course: Government Research Institutes. State Agricultural Universities (SAUs) Seed Manufacturing Companies. Food Technology Companies.30-Mar-2022

Which course is best in agriculture?

Top Agricultural Courses in India

  • M.Sc in Agronomy.
  • M.Sc in Plant Physiology.
  • M.Sc in Plant Biotechnology.
  • M.Sc in Seed Science and Technology.
  • M.Sc in Animal Husbandry.
  • M.Sc in Soil Science.
  • M.Sc. in Plant Pathology.
  • M.Sc in Sericulture. M.Sc in Sericulture is also a regular agricultural course offered in many Indian colleges.

Is agriculture a well paid job?

Agriculture is a versatile field that offers many job opportunities for youngsters. The best thing is that these agriculture jobs not only provide a good salary but many other benefits to the employees.01-Jan-2022

Can I get good job after BSC agriculture?

Yes it is a very good course and increases your chance of having a good career after pursuing this as there are variety of choices you will get like you can prepare for banking exams like IBPS , SBI , nabard , etc. You can also try for government competitive exams like UPSC , FCI , IFos , AFO , etc .25-Sept-2021

How can I earn money after BSC agriculture?

Tissue Culture Expert

  • Agricultural Loan Officer: Rs. 40,000 to Rs.
  • Irrigation Specialist: Rs. 40,000 to Rs.
  • Agricultural Educator: Rs. 30,000 to Rs.
  • Agricultural Engineer: Rs. 25,000 to Rs.
  • Farm Engineering Trainer: Rs. 45,000 to Rs.
  • Crop Science Manager: Rs.
  • Innovative Agricultural Officer: Rs.
  • Agronomy Expert: Rs.

What is scope of agriculture?

The agriculture sector acts as a wall in maintaining food security and in the process, national security as well. The allied sectors like horticulture, animal husbandry, dairy and fisheries, have an important role in improving the overall economic conditions and health and nutrition of the rural masses.

Is ICAR Exam tough?

Although ICAR exams are not as tough as National Eligibility cum Entrance Test-Under Graduate (NEET) or Joint Entrance Exam (JEE), you need to score well in them to get admission into a top university in India. To be chosen, you must fall under ICAR rank 500. To get a top college, you must be within the top 150 rank.

Is BSc Agri easy?

You will not experience any difficulties during your study; in fact, pursuing a BSc in agriculture will be simple for you, and there are several job options available to you after completing a BSc in agriculture. So, if you are truly interested in agriculture, it is not difficult.27-Jul-2021

What is scope after ICAR?

You can be a researcher, Agricultural Engineer. You can also work at Indian Forest Service ,Banking sector, Consulting sector as an Agricultural Consultant, Administrative jobs in various manufacturing companies.23-Apr-2020

Is BSc Agriculture good for IAS?

Originally Answered: Can I choose BSc Agriculture for IAS? Most certainly. In fact it is quite advantageous and the success of rate is good. Agriculture is one of the easier and scoring optionals for civil services mains.

Is BSc Agriculture hard?

B.Sc., Agriculture is an easy as well as a lively course to study. The credit hours for the course vary with the. In each semester you will study upto the maximum of 12 subjects. For most of the subjects except some of the allied subjects, there will be both practical and theory classes.

Which is better BDS or agriculture?

Job-Orientation: If you are looking for immediate employment after under-graduation, then BDS/BAMS/, offers good prospects since they are job-oriented course. BSc Agriculture, on the other hand, will require more specialization and studies via Masters, etc. to get a job.27-Nov-2021

Which government job is best after BSC agriculture?

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