What is a Group B job?

What is a Group B job?

Group B posts (with Central Government Offices and Union Territories offices) are meant for rendering administrative and executive assistance. Group B officers usually work under the command of IAS officers and Gazetted officers of the Indian Administration.

What is Group B salary?

Indian Foreign Service(Group B) Salaries in India The national average salary for a Indian Foreign Service(Group B) is ?64,487 in India.

What is group A and group B?

The Group A officers are appointed by the President of India and appointments to Group B are made by the authorities specified by a general or special order of the President.

What is Group A Group B and Group C posts?

Posts carrying a pay or scale of pay with a maximum of not less than Rs. 9000/- but less than 13500/- are known as Group `B' posts. Civil posts with a maximum pay (or a scale of pay) over Rs. 4000/- but less than Rs 9000./- are in Group `C'. The rest of the posts are in Group `D'.

What are Group D posts?

2: What is Group D post in Railway? Ans: There are various technical and non-technical posts under RRB Group D. Some of the posts are Cabinman, Fitter, Group D - Engg, Porter, Helper-II (Electrical/ Mechanical/ S & T), Switchman, Keyman, Welder, etc.21-Jul-2022

What is group A job?

Group-A is the Officer grade in government jobs. Grade A is ranked highest in terms of appointment and authority. Job seekers who are appointed into this group are officials and are employed at various managerial positions across governments which are one of the highest available jobs.01-May-2022

What are Group B officers?

Group B (Non-Gazetted), formerly called Class II (Non-Gazetted) examples are - Assistant Section Officers in various ministries, Stenographers Grade '1', Senior Pharmacists various different Health Departments Junior Engineers in different departments of Union and State Govts, Customs / GST Inspectors, Sub-inspector in

Who is a Class 1 officer?

The Class-I classification is for gazetted officers while Class-II refers to mainly the non-gazetted officers, though there are some gazetted officers in this category too. Class-III comprises clerical staff and Class-IV includes peons and helps or multi-tasking staff in the government hierarchy.12-Mar-2015

What is the salary of IAS collector?

The basic salary of an IAS officer is Rs 56,100 as per 7th Pay Commission. In addition to the salary, an IAS officer is also given several other allowances, including Travel Allowance and Dearness Allowance. The basic per month salary of an IAS officer can go on to reach Rs. 2,50,000 for a Cabinet Secretary.

Who is Group A officer?

Employees With Group A Service Rules (IAS, IES, IFS, SDPO, DIB, CP, DGP, JCP, IGP, ADLCP, DIG, DCP, SSP, DCP, SP, ASP, ACP, DSP, Colonel etc.)

Is Group 1 and civils are same?

Civil services examinations are held at national levels conducted by Union Public Service Examination. On the basis of the rank, candidates are appointed as IAS, IPS, IFS. But, Group 1 exams are conducted at state level. Both he state exam and civil service exam go through three stages.11-Mar-2012

What does Group A mean?

Definition of Group A : any of various strains of a streptococcus (Streptococcus pyogenes) that include the causative agents of pharyngitis, scarlet fever, septicemia, some skin infections, rheumatic fever, and glomerulonephritis —usually used attributively Group A strep throat.

What is Group A exam?

IAS / IPS / IFoS - are all india services , of Group A , Upsc conducts exam for them known as Civil Services Exam. (+ few group B jobs are also added) The competition level is higher for higher grade exams and lower for lower ones.

How can I become a Group B gazetted officer?

You need to appear for competition exam held by Union Public Service Commission and State Public Service Commissions for the posts of Group 'A' and Group 'B' officers. For more details you could visit the websites of UPSC and State Public Service Commission.

What is Group D post in railway?

Railway Group D is a basic railway job with the lowest pay. You will work as a track maintainer or assistant. Your work will involve maintenance of tracks, railway coaches, departments, stores etc. The work will depend on the post you get.

What is meant by Group C?

Group `C' posts perform supervisory as well as operative tasks and render clerical assistances in ministries and field organisations. Group `D' posts are meant for carrying out routine duties.

What is C Group in railway?

9300-34800/15600-39100) will continue to be classified as Group 'C'. Group C. A Railway Service Post carrying Grade Pay Rs. 1650, Rs. 1600, Rs.

What are Grade 1 govt jobs?

  • Grade1 or Group-A is the Officer grade in government jobs.
  • Commissioned officers for the IAF/Navy/Army (Indian Armed Forces), AIS Officers (All India Services), Engineers, Bureaucrats, Scientists in the organisations like DRDO, ISRO, CSIR, BARC, and Central India Civil Services (IAS, IRS, IPS, IFS, IRS, IRTS)

What is Group B post in railway?

Group B (Gaz.) A Railway Service post carrying Grade Pay Rs. 4600 and Rs. 4200 in Pay Band PB-2 (Rs.118. Tenure posts.

What is salary of Railway Group C?

What is a Group B job?

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