How much does Orange County Clerk of Court make?

How much does Orange County Clerk of Court make?

How much does a Clerk make at Orange County Clerk of Courts in the United States? Average Orange County Clerk of Courts Clerk hourly pay in the United States is approximately $19.22, which is 39% above the national average.

Who is the Clerk of Court Orange County?

Clerk Tiffany Moore Russell

How do I make an appointment at the Orange County Courthouse?

Please call 407-836-6300. If you have a visual disability and are unable to access the appointment scheduler, please email the Clerk of Courts' ADA Coordinator or call (407) 836-2215 for further assistance.

Are Orange County FL courts open?

Full public access to courthouses in Orange County was recently restored as the number of daily COVID-19 cases and the positivity rate declines in our county.

How do I become a court officer in Florida?


  • Be at least 21-years of age.
  • Be a citizen of the United States of America.
  • Must possess a valid Florida driver's license.
  • Must possess a High School diploma or GED equivalent.
  • Be in good physical condition.
  • Must be able to run a mile in under 12 minutes.
  • Be of good moral character.

What time does Orange County Clerk of Courts open?

7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

What is an OC Pay number?

An OC Pay # is assigned to every case. It serves as a unique identifier to allow access to the Court's automated phone system and web transaction system. Your OC Pay # is printed on the front of the violation information notice on the right of your citation number.

Do you need an appointment for Orange County Clerk of Court?

Customers can make appointments one or more days in advance for a new passport, marriage license, and ceremony. While same day appointments are not allowed, walk-ins are still always welcome for same day service. The appointments are an added benefit to the existing walk-in service.

How do I speak to someone at Orange County court?

  • Call Center. 407-836-2000.
  • Child Support. 407-836-2059.
  • Probate/Mental Health. 407-836-2057.
  • Self Help Center. 407-836-6300.
  • Talent Management. 407-836-2338.

How much does it cost to get married in Orange County California?

Public Marriage License This license can be used anywhere in the State of California. The cost for a public marriage license is $61.

How do I reserve a court date in Orange County Court?

If you wish to appear in front of a judicial officer, you must reserve a date. You can visit any Orange County Superior Court Collections Department to schedule a court appearance or call (657) 622-8459.

How tall is the Orange County Courthouse?

The complex includes a 23-level courthouse tower, stands 416 feet high, and has over 965,000 square feet of interior space. High-volume courts, Clerk of the Courts, and the jury assembly area are located in the tower's four-story base.

How many Orange counties are there?

eight Orange Counties

What federal district court is Orange County Florida in?

Middle District of Florida

What Circuit Court is Orange County Florida?

The Ninth Judicial Circuit Court

How much do court officers make in Florida?

$37,285 a year

How much do cops make in Florida an hour?

How much does a cop make per hour? Police officers make $23.86 per hour on average.6 days ago

How do I become a court officer in Orlando?

Florida Certified (vested with authority to bear arms and make arrests): Must have successfully completed the Florida Law Enforcement Officer Certification or Equivalency of Training from a Florida law enforcement academy and a passing score on the Florida law enforcement officer certification exam.

What county is Orlando FL in?

Orlando, city, seat (1856) of Orange county, central Florida, U.S. It is situated in a region dotted by lakes, about 60 miles (95 km) northwest of Melbourne and 85 miles (135 km) northeast of Tampa. The city is the focus for one of the state's most populous metropolitan areas.14-Jul-2022

What to do if I lost my jury duty summons Orange County?

Q: What should I do if I lost my Jury Summons? A: Please contact the Office of the Jury Commissioner at 657-622-7000 to obtain your service instructions.

How much does Orange County Clerk of Court make?

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