How do you apply Erecruitment?

How do you apply Erecruitment?


  • Register. Register once, to apply for job online. Register here.
  • Create CV. Once registered, you will be able to create your CV.
  • Scan & Upload Attachment. You may need mobile scan to assist with your attachments.
  • Apply. You can Click below to apply, this requires a user to be logged in first.

Who is the provincial government of Eastern Cape?

The Director-General is the non-political head of the provincial administration, while each department is led by a Head of Department. The current Premier is Oscar Mabuyane of the African National Congress.

Who is the premier of Eastern Cape?

The current Premier of the Eastern Cape is Oscar Mabuyane, a member of the African National Congress, who was elected in the 2019 election. He took office on 22 May 2019.

How do I create a DPSA profile?

How to Submit DPSA Application form at DPSA Vacancies Page

  • First of all, you have to create your account on the official website of DPSA.
  • After this, you will have to login to your account.
  • After account login, you have to select a job profile for yourself, remember that you should be eligible for that job profile.

How can I apply for WCED post?

WCED Online Vacancy application guide

  • Register as a user.
  • Create a profile (CV)
  • View vacancies & select the vacancy you wish to apply for. (a) Select Experience set. (b) Apply for this post.
  • Review my CV.
  • View applications you have applied for by clicking "My applications".

How do I upload documents to e recruitment?

To Attach Supporting Documents(ID,Cover Letter and Qualification) Click the Add Attachment Button. Specify the document name and Click the Upload Attachment Button to locate the attachment. Click the Save Button to save the attachment. After you have attached the supporting documents Click the Next Button to proceed.

Which university is in Eastern Cape?

Eastern Cape/Colleges and Universities

What language is spoken in Eastern Cape?

Principal languages spoken in the Eastern Cape include isiXhosa (78,8%), Afrikaans (10,5%) and English (5,6%). In the Eastern Cape, various floral habitats meet. Along the coast, the northern tropical forests intermingle with the more temperate woods of the south.

Which city town is the capital of Eastern Cape?


Why Eastern Cape is so poor?

An estimated 72% of the population in the Eastern Cape Province live below the poverty line, which is more than the national average of 60% and this is attributed to the legacies of Apartheid, where the Eastern Cape provincial administration inherited the largely impoverished and corrupt former Ciskei and Transkei 05-Jul-2022

What does MEC stand for?

Member of the Executive Council.

What does MEC stand for in South Africa?

A Premier is elected by the Legislature and appoints Members of the Executive Council (MECs) to be the political heads of each provincial department. The MECs and the Premier form the Provincial Executive Council (Cabinet).

Who gets a persal number?

Persal number means a unique system generated 8-digit number assigned to each employee who is appointed on the Persal System.

What is the duty of DPSA?

The DPSA is at the centre of government. It plays a major policy role in establishing norms and standards for Public Service, which ensure that service-delivery mechanisms, integrated systems and access, human resources, institutional development and governance initiatives are responsive to the needs of citizens.

What is DPSA website?

Department of Public Service and Administration.

How do I become a teacher assistant in Cape Town?

To apply, visit the WCED website at and click on 'Vacancies' to access our E-Recruitment system: Register your profile. Click on 'School-Based Educators', and then 'Teacher Assistants' Indicate your preferred education district/s.01-Jul-2020

When can I apply for Grade R 2023?

Grade R Application forms for 2023 will be available online from 1st March. School to issue receipt of acknowledgement. Where a learner, seeks placement on a waiting list on the basis of a sibling relationship, documentation showing proof of such relationship is required.

How do I get a Wced payslip?

Once an ePayslip email is received from the Electronic Document Delivery (EDD) System, the employee can register with their email address or Persal number to access all their payslips online. The link to the EDD System End User Portal is as follows: .31-Mar-2022

How do I apply for ECB?

To apply for a position at the ECB you first need to register and create your personal profile via our online recruitment portal, stating your experience, qualifications and languages. You will then need to answer a series of questions to complete your application.

How do I register for government in Western Cape?

Visit and find a job title or area of work that interests you. Make sure you meet all the requirements and that you have enough time to submit your application and supporting documents.20-Sept-2021

How do you apply Erecruitment?

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