How can I get employment card in Telangana?

How can I get employment card in Telangana?

How to Apply TS Employment Card Online

  • Visit the Telangana State Employment Exchange Official Website for Online Registration.
  • If you are a new member, then you need to create your account.
  • Select the District.
  • Fill the Online application form with your academic details.

What employment exchange means?

An Employment Exchange is a government office that provides employment assistance to job seekers. Candidates registered with an Employment Exchange are sponsored to employers for recruitment to vacancies notified or advertised.

How can I get unemployment certificate in Telangana?

Required Documents[edit]

  • Application form.
  • Original Employment Exchange Registration Card (To be shown) and attested copy of the same to be submitted at the time of applying for Unemployment Certificate.
  • 2 copies of Self attested recent Passport size photographs.
  • Aadhaar card.
  • Mobile number.
  • Email Id (if available).

Is employment registration necessary in Odisha?

Any citizen of India is eligible for Registration at an Employment Exchange for assistance in securing Employment/job. There is no necessity to verify the employment /under employment / unemployment status of the applicant.05-Oct-2020

How can I renew my TS employment card online?

Online Employment Exchange and Employment Renewal in the State of Telangana

  • At first, you need to visit the official website which is
  • From the 'LOGIN Menu,' choose 'Job Seeker Login.
  • Select the 'Yes' option to register yourself as a new candidate.

How can I change my details on Tnvelaivaaippu?


  • Click on "Update Profile" link.
  • Enter username and password.
  • Add information to be updated.
  • Follow further instructions and save the updated data.

What is NCS card?

What is NCS? The full form of NCS is National Career Service, this portal has been introduced by the government of India to connect job seekers and employers. It is a National ICT based portal that facilitates registration of job seekers, job providers, skill providers, career counsellors, etc.25-Nov-2019

How can I register my job in Kerala?

A candidate can register his name with the concerned employment exchange via the online portal, but the certificates, in original, are to be produced in the Employment Exchange with in 90 days to avail seniority from the date of registration.

What are the documents required for employment registration in Tamilnadu?

Required Documents[edit]

  • Mark lists of qualified standards/degrees.
  • Aadhaar Card.
  • Provisional certificate for graduates.
  • Caste Certificate (optional) and photographs.
  • Experience Certificate (if you have one)
  • Nativity Certificate.
  • Transfer Certificate.
  • Aadhaar Card.

How can I renew my lapsed employment card in Telangana?

Renewals: ? Every registrant shall renew his or her registration once in 3 years in the due month or as prescribed by Government which is indicated on his or her registration slip / identity slip, (XC-10) by personally visiting the Employment Exchange or MEE Seva Centers or by his own through online.

How do you write a cover letter when unemployed?

Unemployed? Put your cover letter to work

  • Keep it positive. The purpose of a cover letter is to pique employers' interest so they want to interview you.
  • Fill the gap.
  • Be honest, but don't overshare.
  • Use your judgment.
  • Focus on your strengths.

How can I apply for unemployment in India?

Apply In-Person: Please go to the respective employment registration office where the candidate registered already. Obtain the application form from the respective counter or write in a plain paper. Please submit the completed application form along with required documents to the staff at the receiving desk.26-Apr-2020

How can I register my name in state employment exchange Odisha?

Documents Required for Employment Exchange Registration in Odisha

  • Educational Qualification Certificate.
  • Experience Certificate.
  • Resume / Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Caste Certificate (optional)
  • Recent Photographs.
  • Identity Documents like Voter's ID Card / Ration Card / Passport / Birth Certificate / Domicile Certificate.

How do I renew my lapsed employment registration in Odisha?

Apply In-Person: Link for contact: Office contact link. Please produce your original Employment card and also other documents as per requirement to the counter staff. The counter staff will look for the renewal period eligibility and if it is valid to renew, then the staff will process the renewal.10-Apr-2020

How do I register my employees at Labour?

Information on how to register with the UIF is available on the Department of Labour website.You can register your employee through one of the following methods:

  • Telephonically at 012 337 1680.
  • E-mail at [email protected] .
  • Mail to:
  • The UIF.
  • Pretoria.
  • 0052.
  • Visit your nearest Labour Centre.

How can I get my employment registration number in Tamilnadu?

Tamilnadu Employment registration number: In this situation, You need to check your previous email at the time of registration. or contact at call on Phone No 044-22500124 or Email at [email protected]

How do I know my Tnvelaivaaippu user ID?

Remember: User ID will be in the format Exchange code/registration number provided on your ID and your DOB will be your password in the format DD/MM/YYYY.07-May-2022

What is the username and password for Tnvelaivaaippu?

Your USER ID / USER NAME for the website is your Registration Number mentioned in your Employment Office Card. Some thing like W/7054/1998 or 1996M00216. What is your Password ? Your PASSWORD is your Date of Birth (DOB) in dd/mm/yyyy format .29-Apr-2013

How can I renew lapsed employment registration in Tamilnadu 2022?

Firstly visit the official portal of the Empower-Employment Department, Tamil Nadu. Click on In case of renewal link and a new window will open. After that login page will open, fill in login details i.e username and password. Then complete your renewal/lapsed procedure (update your profile).

What are the benefits of NCS?

NCS services are free of cost. NCS does not charge any fee at any stage of registration, job application, interview processing and other employment related services.

How can I get employment card in Telangana?

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