Can ECE student get govt job?

Can ECE student get govt job?

ECE Engineers have great scope in govt as well as in private sector, in recent years ECE is offering jobs in some sectors that are growing very fast like IT and Telecom sector. Almost all PSU's offer jobs to ECE graduates. I hope you know about the PSU (Public Sector Undertaking).

Can I get government job after ECE engineers?

1) Can I join any government sector after doing electronics and communication engineering? Answer: Yes, candidates can join the government sector in various departments by clearing the electronics and communication engineering recruitment exams rolled by different government sectors.02-Jan-2022

What are the job opportunities for an ECE student?

So what are the job opportunities and the domains of work for an electronic and communication engineer?

  • Program analyst.
  • Communication engineer.
  • Electronic circuit designer.
  • Electronics engineer.
  • Signal processor.
  • Instrumentation engineer.
  • Telecommunication engineer.
  • VLSI communication engineering.

Which ECE job has highest salary?

The top 5 highest paying jobs as Electronics Engineer with reported salaries are:

  • electronics communication engineer - ?32lakhs per year.
  • electronics engineer - ?21lakhs per year.
  • senior engineer - ?19lakhs per year.
  • senior electronics engineer - ?17lakhs per year.
  • design engineer - ?11lakhs per year.

Which govt job is best for ECE students?


  • ISRO.
  • DRDO.
  • BEL.
  • Bank Probationary Officer.
  • Indian engineering services.
  • Technical Officer.
  • Scientific assistant .

Is ECE better than CSE?

Answer. Both are equivalently good sector. CSE course will be easy through out your 4 years but ECE will be very tough. Any branch that is integrated with electronics is named as an evergreen branch of engineering.

Can ECE students apply for DRDO?

- Electrical Engg from a recognized University of India. You must be a citizen of India. Age limits for DRDO: - You must have attained 21 years and not be over 30 years before the year of examination.

How do I get a job as a ECE student?

tech u can try for any of these options.

  • software companies (TCS,infosys, Accenture etc.)
  • Automation industry ( Bosch, Siemens etc)
  • Semiconductor industry (sankalp , intel ,texas instruments etc)
  • IES.
  • Telecom jobs (Tata telecom ,Bsnl ,Bbnl etc)
  • Psus ( ISRO,DRDO,BEL,ECIL etc.)
  • Higher studies(,MS,MBA)

Is ECE eligible for IES?

Yes. A final-year ECE candidate is eligible for UPSC IES 2021 Exam.22-Sept-2021

Do TCS hire ECE students?

YES Ece or any other branch student can get placed in TCS or any other service based IT companies like Infosys, wipro etc. You just need to clear one aptitude test and interview.

Does ECE have scope in future?

Electronics and Communication Engineering graduates will have good scope even beyond 2020(personal opinion). Some of the factors favouring ECE scenario: Growing convergence between hardware and software - this is something that electronics engineers have an edge in when compared to Computer grads.

Does ECE have scope?

The scope of ECE is very high. You can join IT industry, airlines, telecommunication, etc. Indian armed forces also provides jobs for electronics and communication engineers. There are Plenty of Career Options in ECE after B.20-May-2021

Who earns more CSE or ECE?

It depends on what you can handle CSE or ECE . In terms of placement you can check from any Institute that CSE students get hefty packages which even goes more than 50 Lakhs . So by this you can decide the scope of CSE which is much better than ECE.09-Jul-2012

Which is the best company for ECE?

list of best companies in India for ece branch of engineering

  • Dell India (Networking)
  • Reliance (Communications)
  • Infotech (Analog & Digital Electronics.
  • Redpine (Signal Processing)
  • General Electric (Electronics & Communication)
  • Texas Instruments (Analog & Digital Electronics)
  • Microchip (Analog and Digital Electronics)

Is ECE engineering tough?

ECE is actually one of the toughest branch in engineering but it depends on you whether it is hard or easy to study. So if you are really interested in Electronics and communication then it will be easy for you to study. But if you are not interested then the harder subjects of ECE will be a nightmare to you.06-Oct-2020

How can a ECE student get job in ISRO?

ISRO EC Educational Qualification You must have completed your BE/ B. Tech or equivalent in First Class in Electronics Engineering. You must have scored an aggregate minimum of 65% marks or CGPA 6.84/10 in Electronics Engineering. Final year students are not eligible to apply for ISRO Recruitment 2021 Exam.25-Mar-2021

What are the competitive exams after BE ECE?

Top Entrance Examinations for B. Tech Engineering

Can ECE students apply for UPSC?

Yes, you can apply for IAS exam being a student of ECE engineering in the final year of Graduation Degree Engineering. IAS - INDIAN ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICE. to become an IAS officer the candidate should have appeared and cracked Civil Service Exam conducted by UPSC every year.06-Oct-2012

Is ECE worth studying?

Answer. Electronics & Communication Engineering is an Interdisciplinary field which have really a good career ahead. The subject is highly interdisciplinary & the applied fields of this trade is going to be influential ahead.26-Feb-2022

Does Google hire ECE students?

Yes, Electronics and Communication Engineering students have fair chances of getting placed in any renowned IT companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. Companies check the ability of the students according to their hiring needs.17-Nov-2021

Can ECE student get govt job?

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