Can B.Com Graduate get job in bank?

Can B.Com Graduate get job in bank?

Q: Can I get a bank job after BCom? A: Yes, candidates can get jobs in bank after BCom. For that, then need to clear competitive exams such as IBPS PO, RBI Grade B Officer, SBI PO, SBI Clerk, IBPS Clerk.03-Sept-2021

Can a B.Com graduate get a job in private bank?

Candidates having a commerce, finance or economics background in their higher secondary or Graduation studies are preferred by the private banks. Computers skills are also an integral part, for the candidates to get through and acquire the job in private banks.20-Jan-2016

Which job is best for B.Com freshers?

Career Opportunities for B Com Freshers

  • MBA.
  • Chartered Accountant.
  • Company Secretary.
  • Master of Commerce (M.Com)
  • Chartered Financial Analyst.
  • Business Accounting and Taxation.
  • US Certified Public Accounting.
  • Financial Risk Manager.

Is B.Com necessary for bank job?

However, the type of job you get as a fresher will depend on your level of education. Contrary to popular opinion, having a BCom is not the only way to get into the banking sector.20-Feb-2019

Which type of B.Com is best?

Top 5 B.Com Specializations for a Successful Career

  • B. Com in Economics.
  • B.Com in Law. B.
  • B.Com in Accounts and Finance. As the name suggests, this course is related to the sectors of accountancy and finance.
  • B.Com in Marketing.
  • B.Com in Tourism and Travel Management.

Can a B.Com graduate get a job in Google?

The Google has invited applications from B.Com graduates for the post of Partner Operations Manager. Minimum qualifications: Bachelor's degree or equivalent practical experience. 8 years of experience managing global operations in an extended workforce business/shared services environment.12-Mar-2022

Which type of B.Com is best for banking?

To choose any one of course best for banking then its totally depends on your Interest, if you are Interested in Accounting field, then is best course for you. But if your aim is to do MBA Course then BBA is best option for you.

Which degree is best for banking?

  • Business. Business is one of the most closely connected majors to banking.
  • Finance. Banks use a wide variety of financial instruments in this day and age.
  • Sales.
  • Accounting.
  • Management.
  • Information technology.
  • Financial engineering.
  • Economics.

Which B.Com has highest salary?

BCom Jobs List

Is B.Com good for future?

Candidates can work in public as well as in private sector. You can apply for government jobs like bank, UPSC, etc. The course also prepares the students for CA and CS. Chartered Accountant (CA) / Cost and Work Accountant (CWA) / Company Secretary (CS) are the advanced career options in this field.

Which B.Com course is best for future?

List of Courses after BCom

How can I join Infosys after BCom?

Application Process

  • Step 1: Information Seminar / Career Fairs. There are many avenues to learn more about InStep - Infosys' Global Internship Program.
  • Step 2: Apply to InStep.
  • Step 3: Resume is Evaluated.
  • Step 4: Telephonic Interview.
  • Step 5: Shortlisted candidate.

Can a B Com graduate get a job in TCS?

Graduates who have completed their B.Com. BA, BBA, BCS, BCA, or other relevant graduate courses are eligible. Only those who complete their graduation in 2022 can apply. Those with a backlog are not eligible.25-Dec-2021

Can I do hr after BCom?

Studying Human Resource Management You can also do online certification courses to learn the necessary HRM skills and knowledge. You can go for an undergraduate degree like BBA/BA/BSc/BCom/BTech/BE. After completion of your graduation, you may pursue postgraduate studies in HRM.07-Dec-2021

How do I start a career in banking?

How to Start a Career in Banking?

  • Choose The Right Degree in Economics or Finance.
  • Prepare and Appear for Bank Exams.
  • Pursue Masters Courses for Senior Level Positions.
  • Grab Trending Diploma/ Certificate in Finance or Accounting.
  • Networking.

How can I get job in bank?

  • Decide Whether Banking is the Right Choice for Your Career.
  • Understand the Eligibility Criteria.
  • Crack Entrance Exams (for Public Sector Banks)
  • Understand Requirements on Job Portals.
  • Network with People from the Industry.
  • Make the Right CV.
  • Update Your LinkedIn Profile.
  • Invest in Quality Banking Education.

Which is better CA or banking?

Many people who are CAs by qualification aren't CAs by specialty. A lot of them work in banks, some in businesses, and a lot more just handle income tax, sales tax, and other tax-related work, which is probably more of a lawyer's job than a CA's.14-May-2021

Does B.Com have any value?

- factors like the company you land a job in, industry, the economic situation in the country, additional courses and certifications, and further studies. Currently, a B. Com graduate can expect a starting salary in the range of INR 10,000 to INR 25,000.

Why B.Com is not good?

Today, in the competitive job market scenario, merely having a graduate degree like B Com is not enough to land you in a good position. Students need to have the proper knowledge and additional competencies rather than just a B.Com degree to face the strong competition in life.23-Jul-2021

Is B.Com easy or BBA?

Since students from all streams are eligible for applying for admission, it is relatively easier to get admission to a BBA programme. Whereas, the eligibility criteria for admission to a B.Com programme is much stricter in most institutes.28-Apr-2020

Can B.Com Graduate get job in bank?

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