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Enter speed post tracking number of your package and click the track button to get the status.

India Post Tracking Status

Indian post office offers two types of mail services. They are the domestic and international. The express mail service (EMS) is an international and the other mail like ordinary post are the domestic ones. Follow the below step by step process to check the status of the India post tracking

You can also track the details of the courier on the official site, www.indiapost.gov.in. Check the IndiaPost for more information. Having a good information on the type of mails is very much essential as it will be helpful on what type of letter to send.

speed post tracking

Types of Courier Service

There are quite a bit different types of mails that can be sent via the India post. Here the top 5 mailers are shown.

About the Speed Mail Service

As the name itself indicates it is a speed service and the consignment is delivered within 2 to 3 days. This is a cheaper service compared to that offered by many reputed courier companies. Indian postal department maintains records about the letter status at each interval and updates the information in its database. Whenever the customer asks for the delivery status, it can be retrieved from its database store.

Advantages of Booking Speed Package

The speed courier offers many advantages over the ordinary one. However, the only con of this service is that the price is a bit high compared to that of the normal postcard.

India Post Tracking Number Formats

The trackable number is different for each type of mail service. The below table shows the different formats.

Service TypeFormat
Speed Post (EMS) DomesticEE123456789IN (13 alpha numeric)
International EMS ArticlesEE123456789XX (13 alpha numeric)
Registered MailRX123456789IN (13 characters)
Express Parcel PostXX123456789XX (13 characters)
Electronic Money Order (eMO)123456789012345678 (18 digits)

Use the speed post tracking feature and know the status of your consignment. If you have any trouble in checking, then contact the Indian post office customer care.

Why Choose Indian Post Office

Indian post office has a good historical record. It's been there for many years when there no private mail services at all. It is a very cheap service that you can choose at the quality of what other leading courier companies are offering. It provides reliable services at an affordable cost. It has a wide reachability across all parts of India. One can even send a letter to a remote village in India.

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